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Sheep and lamb have been their family business for over 160 years. Our combined organic/biodynamic approach coupled with rotational grazing produces succulent lamb which is healthier for both your family and the environment. It tastes better!
Biodynamics is an enhanced organic approach.  Bio-Dynamic practices are focused on producing healthy, living, well-structured soil. Healthy plants and animals are a result. Don’t you deserve to enjoy the best quality food you can source?
Biodynamic lamb produced on Moorlands is fully Demeter certified.  None of our lambs are fed hay made from GM Canola, or exposed to fungicides [sadly used widely on many wheat crops] or fed grain.  No insecticide, artificial fertiliser [fabricated salts], weedicide, chemical drench, vaccine, chemical dips or pesticides are applied to the soil, the plants or the animals on Moorlands.  The lambs have a smorgasbord of grass varieties on which to graze - pasture fed - nothing artificial or forced.
We are fully trained in stress-free stock handling techniques.  Ethical considerations are foremost in our minds – not only is this kind to our beautiful sheep but it results in tender meat.
Generations of experience raising sheep and breeding excellent lamb has honed our systems and selection processes. Our genetic base is centred around two principal breeds – Poll Dorsets and the fabulous Texels  - a breed producing flavorsome meat, with sweet, ‘nutty’ fat (but not too much!) and affording wonderful silky texture.
Biodynamics - Ecologically sound, environmentally sensitive, sustainable agriculture

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