Here is an example of what you get when you order a whole lamb

- 2 legs of lamb or 4 half legs - Great for roasts
- 8 chump chops or 2 mini roasts - Dinner or BBQs
- Loin chops or the luxury of fillets and back strap - Very tender
- 2 nine bone racks of lamb - 18 cutlets in all - paradise on a bone
- Lamb shanks - great for slow roasting or a rich stew
- Forequarters to suite your lifestyle - chops for casseroles, boned roasts or diced for stir frys – it’s your choice
- Plus mince or sausages and more for stews and casseroles
All pieces are then vacuum packed and presented in a box that easily fits in an average car.
Half lamb is simply half the whole lamb order splitting the sections where there are multiples (eg. legs of lamb) and a selection of the items that only occur once (eg. pack of diced lamb).
All Moorlands Biodynamic Lamb is Trade Weight -  a minimum of a 20kg dressed carcass.
To help you complete the order form and understand the choices available to you here is a description of the various options:
1. Legs - Always prepared with the bone in. As full legs of lamb are large we offer the choice of half legs i.e. In a whole lamb you get either 2 whole legs or 4 half legs.  Half legs are a neat [smallish] meal. For those who prefer BBQ options in the warmer months – we also offer leg steaks.
2. Chump chops - As you go down the back bone of the lamb these are the next cut - it's a meaty chop - great for grilling and BBQ.  There are 4 of these per side.  We can also fillet these – this boned & rolled mini roast is good for two or three-person meals.
3. Loin - Offered two ways as Chops (lovely big round piece of meat – sometimes called the curly tail chop?) or as the Backstrap and Fillet - essentially the whole loin is boned into two long strips of meat for roasting. 
4. Racks - We offer three ways; two 9-bone racks, OR Four mini racks [two 4-bone racks plus two 5-bone racks] or cut in to 18 Cutlets. 
5. Forequarters - This refers to the shoulder and sections forward of the shoulder.  We offer this in five different ways:

            Two x Boned & rolled roast - Nice round, netted piece
            of roasting meat

            Full shoulder roast with the bone in – the classic
            slow-cooking cut

            Chops - lots of boney chops often sold as BBQ chops
                         in supermarkets but are best in a casserole
            Diced – fabulous Rogan Josh, curries or easy
6. Neck and flaps - Neck chops are used for a casserole or stock making.  Flaps are fatty [now sold as lamb breasts in supermarkets] and we often turn these into mince.  Both cuts are popular as our fabulous sausages [gluten free and preservative free]
7. Shanks – two back leg shanks plus two fore leg shanks - Fantastic in a slow cooked Greek style casserole

If you looked in any organic produce shop you would pay a lot more for a whole dressed lamb.

We have lots of lamb recipes so try us if you need some inspiration.  We also recommend for instant answers to tonight’s dinner!


Price Options

Whole lamb - $350

Half Lamb - $185

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